What is the fulfillment timeframe? What is the fulfillment timeframe?

What is the fulfillment timeframe?

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Be sure to check your order confirmation email! Our fulfillment time frame can be found in there. At this time our fulfillment timeline is 10-15 business days, but this may change depending on high volume events like Black Friday or our Birthday Sale. 

Once our fulfillment team packs your order, it will be picked up by the shipping courier and you will be notified via email with your tracking number. As excited as we are for you to receive your new products, please keep in mind there may be delays during transit that are beyond our control. We suggest contacting your package's shipping courier for any delivery questions you may have. 


Please Note: Our fulfillment timeframe is the promise our team makes to all customers who order on when their package will be fulfilled and available for pickup by the courier company. This is separate from the shipping method chosen at checkout which is the delivery timeframe that the courier promises to have your package delivered to you once picked up from our distribution center!